Golf is a sport that brings us many physical and psychological benefits.

Do you want to know its health benefits?


- It helps to avoid overweight. Through an exercise as simple as walking at a good pace you can control the weight because in one game you can cover remarkable distances. It is estimated that the energy expenditure of a five-hour golf session is around 1,400 kilocalories.

- It also causes an increase in good cholesterol, improves blood pressure and prevents osteoporosis. When practiced outdoors, it oxygenates the blood and enhances vitamin D synthesis.

- It is a gentle aerobic exercise very convenient for those who cannot perform other more demanding workouts. It still improves muscle flexibility and endurance.

- Golf allows you to tone up your arms, back, chest and abdomen without hurting your joints.


However, especially in people over 65, care must be taken to avoid sudden or poorly executed movements.

Golf is a technical sport, with a long learning process. If you learn without a teacher, you can get injured from badly gripping the stick and performing the movement wrongly when executing the stroke.


- The practice of golf also has an important component of socialization: it is a sport where you compete more against yourself than against other rivals, which promotes the flow of conversation and increases your well-being for several hours.

- Improve your ability to concentrate by paying full attention to each stroke and your own movements.

- It reduces stress levels because by concentrating on all the elements that influence a good hit, it allows you to forget your daily problems.

- It helps to combat and slow down neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's since it helps to escape from this disorder with the physical exercise and concentration that this sport involves.