Commercial events volver

La Fira del Stock

Is an outlet fair for products with advantageous discounts. It involves businesses from various sectors, such as fashion, footwear, jewelry, sports or accessories, of which, some participate with stand in the street and others from their establishments.

Dates: twice a year, check with us.


La Nit de la Llum

The CandIes Night is a night of shopping in which the squares and streets of the center of the municipality are illuminated with a large number of candles, and in which the shops open until 23h. offering their customers special gifts and discounts.

Dates: variable between the end of November and December, check with us.

Enamorats de la gamba de Dénia

"In love with the prawn of Dénia", is a promotional campaign of the fish stalls of the Municipal Market. The star product is the famous red prawn of Dénia, consists of tasting a lid of half a dozen shrimp with drink at a price of 3€. During those days, a quarter of a kilo of shrimp can also be bought at the stalls at an affordable price, provided that, in turn, a quarter of a kilo of any fish from the stall is purchased.

Date: variable during the month of February, check with us.