Cova Tallada volver

authorization is required to acces


Cova Tallada is a marine cave located on the northern slope of Cape Sant Antoni, between the municipalities of Dénia and Xàbia.

It is located within the Cape Sant Antoni Marine Reserve, under the influence of the Montgó Natural Park, so it is essential to follow the recommendations of visit and respect the rules. You have access restrictions on certain dates that are convenient to consult.

The cave is formed by a natural part and an artificial part derived from the extraction of crude stone, a calcareous rock that was used for the construction of buildings in the area. It is divided into different rooms, some of them dry, where neither seawater nor sunlight penetrates. In the interior rooms you can see pots that store fresh water drips.

Inside the cave were found lamps from the 11th-12th centuries and an inscription that recorded the visit of spanish King Philip III in 1599.

Its access is difficult, the route is not recommended to people not accustomed to walking in the mountain. The civil responsibility for the visit and the security will be the responsibility of the visitor.

For more information on the route read the FAQ.


Due to the fragility of the cave and the excessive increase of visitors, access to it has been regulated.

It is necessary to apply, ten days in advance, for a permit to access both land and sea,  from the  1rst to 17th of April, from the 28th of April to the 5th of May and from the 15th June to the 15th of October. here

Except if you visit the cave in a group with one of the companies authorized by agreement.

The rest of the year is not necessary a permit.

For more information consult with the Visitor Center of the Montgó Natural Park