1. Cyclists should ALWAYS carry their documentation (identity card or passport).

  2. Traffic regulations must be followed. These rules and the signs found along the route will ALWAYS prevail over the routes and tracks present in this informative pamphlet.

  3. You must circulate with responsibility and respect towards other road users and without having consumed alcohol or drugs.

  4. The use of a helmet is mandatory.

  5. The mobile phone should not be used while riding. The use of headphones to listen to music is also prohibited.

  6. You must ride in single file or two by two. And always, if possible, on the shoulder or in its absence as far to the right as possible.

  7. Driving on the motorway or highway is prohibited.

  8. It is recommended to be seen in situations of low visibility (reflective vest, lights, etc.)

  9. The group of cyclists may be accompanied by a properly marked vehicle (sign V-22).

  10. The environment must be respected. Wrapping and waste should not be thrown away.