Stand Up Paddle, also called SUP or Paddle Surfing, is a sport that consists of sliding over the water on a surfboard, using a paddle for paddling and moving.

Although its practice dates back to over 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt or pre-Columbian times in Peru, the origin of today's paddle surfing is attributed to Hawaii, where surfing instructors used canoe paddles to get closer to clients and have more visibility for instruction. The practice of Paddle Surfing was preserved as a perfect way of sport derived from surfing, in days without waves.

Nowadays in Dénia there are countless fans who go out rowing all year round.


  • Sliding on water lowers stress levels. The connection with nature is a source of relaxation, listening and feeling the swaying of the water, the sound of the seagulls, watching the fish or the sunrise, generates memorable experiences.

  • It is an excellent exercise to keep fit, the body works gradually and improves reflexes.

  • It develops balance, increases muscular endurance and works on strength, as you need to stand, row and maintain your balance on the board.

  • Due to the special activity of the muscles it also generates an extra calorie expenditure independent of the paddling rhythm.

  • Its practice admits different degrees of commitment (play, competition, fitness, yoga, Pilates). It is a discipline which, together with others such as SUP-pilates, allows for greater physical work.

  • When practiced outdoors, we are exposed to the sun, which causes the body to produce vitamin D.


  • It is an entertaining exercise in which you can go along the coast and enjoy the landscape from the water.

  • It is a water sport accessible to all types of people, without distinction of age or requiring significant previous physical preparation. It is an inclusive practice, and can be done even if you have some kind of physical limitation.

  • Its practice does not require a large infrastructure.

  • It can be practised individually, in couple, families or groups.

  • Due to the extraordinary situation generated by the COVID-19, it is a highly advisable practice, since there is no direct contact with other people and it is practised outdoors.


  • Although it is a very accessible sport and it is possible to get started freely by renting or buying the necessary equipment, it is advisable to start with a specialised professional company. If practiced without any training it can become dangerous, however by acquiring basic knowledge of safety and technique, injuries or incidents can be avoided and the experience can be enjoyed to the full. Dénia has professional centres where you can receive lessons, for more information consult HERE.

  • It is essential to protect yourself from the sun with sun cream and a cap and it is highly recommended that you carry a waterproof bag with a bottle of water to hydrate yourself.