STARTING POINT: Crossways of the rail trail and Camí del Palmar

LENGTH: 7km. Circular route.


DURATION: On foot: 1 h 55 min. Bicycle: 40 min.

Exit the rail trail along Camí del Palmar, heading toward the beach. Carefully cross the road leading from Dénia to Els Poblets and continue along the dirt road on the opposite side. Continue until it bends rightward, connecting with the old road from Gandía to Dénia (Camino Viejo Gandía), alternating between asphalt and dirt stretches until reaching Las Marinas Road (Carretera de Les Marines) which must be crossed to head toward the Almadrava Tower and the mouth of the Girona River.

Continue along the hard shoulder of the Las Marinas Road. Just before reaching the bridge over the Alberca River, head rightward onto the Ribera trail (road prohibited for motor vehicles) parallel to this river, which leads us back to Camí del Palmar and the rail trail.


Girona River mouth, Almadrava Tower, dunes at the mouth of the Alberca River. 2 km of beach (Els Molins) between both rivers.