Route 9: "LA VALL DE GALLINERA" volver

99.84 KM


Without a doubt, along with Route 8, one of our star routes.

Approach to Pego through Beniarbeig and Sagra (CV-729) to climb the "Els Pilarets" climb from behind (CV-715). Just before reaching Pego we will take the CV-712 to go up first a mythical mountain pass such as La Vall d' Ebo and later the 16% inclines of the Cova del Rull (Punt of tourist interest: SEE).

Section up and down through La Vall de Alcalà and finally the beautiful descent through La Vall de Gallinera (CV-700) back to Pego.

The return to Dénia is done by leveling down the "la Peladora" road (CV-678), a small section of the N-332 road and the “camino viejo de Gandía” (CV-723).


It is also a very good option to do this route in the opposite direction. Going up through La Vall de Gallinera and back through La Vall d'Alcalà and La Vall d'Ebo. In this way it becomes much easier since the climb is softer and we will find the steep downhill ramps on the way back.